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Remodeling projects run on a schedule. When getting custom-built cabinets, it is important to know when they can be ready so your remodeling project can be completed on time.

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For Kitchen Cabinets Madison WI - Kitchen Installation Guide

Acquiring stock cabinets is convenient. Sometimes, however, they will not go well with the theme we aim for in our kitchen remodel without putting in some work. In some cases, they will not even fit where we want them. You do not have to put in extra time and money on making stock cabinetry suit your needs. You can have custom-built cabinets installed instead by For Kitchen Cabinets Madison.

Custom cabinets are actually more practical than stock cabinetry. However, many homeowners worry about getting custom-built cabinets because they are unaware of when they will be completed and be ready for installation. Time is of the essence in a Kitchen Remodel Madison, especially since cabinets are the kitchen’s primary storage and organizing solution.

Kitchen Cabinets Madison WI

Kitchen Cabinets Madison Installation

Installing cabinetry, no matter how simple it sounds, is actually a demanding process. Utmost care must be put in the installation process, especially since the custom cabinets from Kitchen Cabinets Madison are created by artisans with years of experience. Therefore to ensure your cabinets' longevity, we follow the following steps during the kitchen cabinet design and installation process:

  • Preparation

    Removing old cabinets and countertops is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor. This typically takes two days. In those two days, the following has to be done: remove old cabinets, stow away kitchen appliances, take out hanging items, complete the drywall, and apply the first coat of paint. If any flooring work has to be done, the preparation phase can take longer.

  • Taking Measurements and Marking Electrical Outlets

    Before building any of the cabinets and countertops, our construction crew will take measurements to ensure that the cabinets will fit your space. Electrical outlets will be marked, including areas where light fixtures and appliances will be placed.

  • Building and Installation

    While the cabinets are being built, any update necessary with electrical wirings and plumbing will occur. If we are working on finished floors, we will first lay a covering on them to protect them from damages. Doing so helps the clean-up process.

  • Homeowners should be around during the building and installation process in case the construction crew needs their assistance. Also, this allows homeowners to check for any issues with the work once the installation is complete.

  • Cleaning and Touch-up

    Our crew wipes and polishes all the newly installed kitchen cabinets and countertops at the end of the installation process. This way, the cabinets can be used immediately to store your kitchen items. We will also clean up the site before leaving your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Timeline:

The actual installation of cabinets typically takes two to three days to complete. When considering the custom cabinets' planning, Kitchen Design Madison and building, the entire process can take at least a week or two. However, it is essential to consider that the size of the kitchen, the scope of the work or the remodel, and the need for specialty items can significantly affect the entire schedule. There may also be instances when changes to the final design have to be made. In this case, there may be some delays.

DIY Installation of Kitchen Cabinets

If homeowners wish to install their custom cabinets and countertops by themselves or their contractors, they may absolutely do so. All they have to do is to inform their designer of this. We will still provide assistance and suggestions to help homeowners complete the tasks.

Work with Kitchen Cabinets Madison Professional Installers

Hiring a trusted team to install your custom cabinets ensures the success of your Best kitchen remodeling Wi. Contact For Kitchen Cabinets Madison on the number provided for professional and efficient installation.

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Address: 601 Sawyer Terrace, Madison, WI 53705, United States

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