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We specialize in creating stunning kitchens that are meant to be the heart of your Madison home. Let us make the heart of your kitchen a unique and functional space.

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Kitchen Remodel Madison WI: Experienced Kitchen Remodel Experts

Kitchen Remodel Madison has been in the industry for over 20 years, delivering high-quality finishes and outstanding services. We are recognized as the leading and the most trusted kitchen remodeling company in the region.

Our professional team has established a reputation for top-notch kitchen designs and excellent customer service. Whether you need a complete kitchen remodeling service or professional product advice, Kitchen Remodel Madison can assist you.

If you are looking for quality Kitchen Remodeling Madison WI, you can count on us as we have extensive options and customized solutions. You may choose from our wide range of materials, products, and finishes to complement your new kitchen design.

Each qualified expert working for us has years of experience in different styles and sizes of projects, and their work is consistently done to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on building the perfect fit and functionality within your kitchen. By entrusting us with your kitchen remodeling project, you can be confident that the final result will improve your lifestyle and make working in your kitchen easier and more fun.

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Kitchen Remodel Madison WI

What We Do

Kitchen Equipment Madison WI


Our solid relationship with the industry's leading supplier for quality kitchen equipment allows us to provide you stylish and advanced equipment for your space.


You can choose from our wide selection of stylish and durable kitchen flooring.

Kitchen Flooring Madison WI
Kitchen Lighting Madison WI


We install the best combination of lighting fixtures to achieve the suitable ambience for your cooking space.


Using premium quality paint, we can transform the looks of your kitchen and make it look brighter and spacious.

Kitchen Paint Madison WI
Kitchen Design Madison WI


We have been designing kitchens for years, and we guarantee a kitchen design that you will absolutely love.


To make sure your kitchen has ample storage space for your supplies and appliances without disrupting the overall design, we install stylish and sturdy cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Madison WI

Our Kitchen Design Process

With our conceptual team, you will definitely enjoy creating your new Kitchen Design Madison WI Our team is known for quality and innovative kitchen designs throughout Madison. Our exceptional workmanship and attention to detail are achieved with advanced 3D software to create your kitchen design before delivering your vision into reality.

Whether you are simply making some minor updates or completely remodeling your kitchen, Kitchen Remodel Madison is here to provide you a stylish and functional upgrade, from kitchen design concept to the final outcome.

Whether it will be a traditional rustic look or a contemporary minimalist feel, your kitchen should not only be filled with character, but it should also be convenient and accessible in every way.

    • On-Site Consultation

      One of our experts will visit your address to discuss your project and assess your current kitchen specifications. You may also visit our showroom to talk with us or call us, and we will suggest the best way forward with your kitchen transformation.

    • Initial Estimate

      After discussing your plan for your project and what you want to achieve, we can provide you with an initial estimate. We pride ourselves on providing an accurate estimation of the final cost of the project.

    • Construction Design

      We work on your custom design for your kitchen makeover project.

    • Final Quote

      We provide you with a complete and detailed quote for your project with your chosen fixtures and fitting.

    • Time for Transformation

      Within a few weeks, our team at Best Kitchen Remodeling Madison WI will make your dream kitchen possible.

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Kitchen Remodel Madison WI

Superior Kitchen Makeover in Madison

In reality, remodeling a kitchen can be daunting and very stressful as there are lots of disturbances involved. At Kitchen Remodel Madison, we understand your frustrations, so we aim to make your kitchen remodeling experience a pleasant one. We have the necessary skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications to safely deliver your kitchen makeover to the highest standards. All you have to do is let us know what you want to achieve for your new kitchen, and we will create a functional yet stunning space for your whole family to enjoy for years to come.

To help you choose the best design for your kitchen, we will take the time to listen and understand your requirements and personal taste. We will then offer you a customized solution and give you a free quote. We will also offer a free professional design consultation service with every complete kitchen remodeling. This means you can come to Kitchen Remodel Madison with a blank canvas, and we will turn your outdated kitchen into a unique space.

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Why Choose Kitchen Remodel Virginia Beach

Kitchen Design

We are recognized for creating stunning and innovative kitchen designs, making us the industry's leading company.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

We believe that transforming your kitchen does not have to cost a fortune, so we tailor our service to suit any budget.

Efficient Services

With meticulous planning, we can finish any kitchen makeover on time and within the budget.

Professional Team

All members of our team are completely licensed and certified to deliver each job to the highest quality level.


Years of experience in the kitchen remodeling industry, combined with thorough planning, guarantees our remodels are completed to the highest standard.

Customized Kitchen

We understand that each client has unique requirements for their kitchen, so we focus on creating customized kitchens to meet their expectations.

Client Testimonials

Client Image - Kitchen Remodel Madison WI
Client Image - Kitchen Remodel Madison WI
Client Image - Kitchen Remodel Madison WI

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM

Address: 601 Sawyer Terrace, Madison, WI 53705, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear. The average cost of a kitchen remodel with custom fittings and cabinets is approximately $18,000 - $25,000. Keep in mind, the price tag is dependant on the size of the renovation, and personalizations. Schedule a consultation today with one of our design experts at Kitchen Remodel Madison for a personalized and accurate estimate.

Many of our clients ask, “how long does a kitchen remodel take?” A Madison kitchen renovation can span anywhere between 2.5-5 months. This time frame is dependant on the kitchen’s size, structural changes, or any other significant reconfigurations needed.

How long does it take to replace kitchen cabinets? Well, on average, a Madison kitchen cabinet replacement will take between 2-3 days for a basic whole-unit replacement. If plumbing or electrical reconfigurations are required to work around new cabinet changes, expect to add an additional 1-2 weeks to that estimate.

How much does a Madison kitchen remodel add to my home’s value? On average, for every 100 dollars spent on a Madison kitchen upgrade, you add 83 dollars to your home’s value. But this is just an average. Whether you need a full-service kitchen remodel or just a change in backsplash- contact Kitchen Remodel Madison today for a personalized quote.

Where do I start with a kitchen remodel?” is a common question we hear from our clients. Before you begin, figure out a goal. Do you want to renovate to increase your home’s value, or do you want to remodel to achieve the kitchen of your dreams? Next, get in touch with our team of designers at Kitchen Remodel Madison to begin your kitchen remodel today!